Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time to climb a new mountain

After four years as a Scientist at the NATO CCD COE, which was preceded by another three years of work helping set up and develop the Centre, the time has finally come to move on to face new challenges. Or to be a bit more specific, this time will come sometime in the second half of 2012.

I feel I am ready to explore cyber security and cyber conflict from new angles. I love teaching, so an academic approach is definitely a possibility. It would also be interesting to gain experience from private sector perspective. Most likely I will try to combine various options to get the "perfect blend" for the time being. By the look of things I will make my decision later this month.

I can't say for sure what road I will follow, but one thing I definitely want to do is to revive this blog. I have been very busy (personally, academically, professionally) for the past couple of years and, sadly, this blog was one of the easiest things to put on hold while I got things sorted out. Yet, people still seem to find it every once in a while, as the visit counter passed ten thousand last month. This adds to my motivation to get things going again.

Time to re-invent myself...