Sunday, June 21, 2009

CWCON 2009 in Tallinn

This week I attended the first Cyber Warfare Conference in Tallinn, organized by the CCD COE. In fact, I was the moderator for the Strategy track, which included many interesting talks on the emerging field of cyber conflicts. CWCON provides an academic publication opportunity for the scientists, but it also includes presentations by the professional community.

Mikko Hypponen from F-Secure gave a nice overview of the evolution of malware in his keynote speech, while Nart Villeneuve from the Information Warfare Monitor talked about their findings about GhostNet.

Other interesting presentations included Amit Sharma on Strategic Cyber Warfare, Ned Moran on analogies and cyberspace, Cyrus Farivar on the media coverage of cyber events, and Maj Julian Charvat on terrorist use of cyberspace.

I plan on providing a more detailed overview of some of the papers within the next few weeks.

EDIT: The proceedings took longer than expected to print, but I have finally received a copy and have started with the reviews (first ones here and here).

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