Thursday, September 17, 2009

Article in Akadeemia

One of my articles (Conflicts in the information age - cyber attacks and the citizen society) was published in the Estonian academic journal called Akadeemia (2009, nr 9, Special Edition on War and Peace) a few days ago.

In the article, I revisit the own forces/hired guns/volunteers categories and focus on the latter. I try to explain some interesting aspects of using volunteers, such as the parallel rise in crime and the need to "exercise" the volunteers regularly. I also try to look at why ordinary people from the street may become belligerents in cyber space, specifically addressing radicalization through Internet and formulation of cyber tribes. I end the article with a positive note, that volunteers can be harnessed for good, as well as evil. Consider, for example, defensive volunteer organizations, such as the WARP network in UK. In addition, I touch upon the personal responsibility of today's netizens - we all have a part to play in developing a safer cyber society.

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