Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cyber communities

I happened on an interesting site (wish I had found it sooner) that also deals with cyber warfare research. Near the top of the blog pile is an interesting series of posts, which looks at the various Cyber Warfare communities that have a stake in the issue:
Although there are a lot of good points in there, let me just reiterate one - there are not many publication opportunities for cyber warfare researchers. Sure, you can hook your topic to information security, information operations, or any number of other topics, but still - very few dedicated venues like the upcoming Conference on Cyber Conflict.

I'll now turn back to the Selil blog, to see what else I can find. See you all next year!


  1. Hi Rain! Hope you like selil.com . I think you'll find a lot about cyber warfare and cyber conflict. If you have any questions I'm also on Twitter @selil

  2. I'm the editor for the IO Journal (actually the co-editor with Dr. Dan Kuehl). You can submit articles for publication on cyber warfare issues to IOI (at) crows.org

    Joel Harding
    Director, IO Institute
    (703) 549-1600

    ps. Sam Liles who wrote the previous comment and did the hard work you cite is a good friend.

  3. Thank you, Sam and Joel. I'll definitely keep an eye on your sites.