Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There are those who know...

Only two weeks until the Conference on Cyber Conflict! While this and some other projects keep me busy, I wanted to point you to a great story over at ubiwar. This discussion has developed over a few days in various other blogs as well.

The issue is about people with access to classified material making authoritative statements, because they "know how things really are". However, since what they know and how they know it is classified, they will not follow through with argumentation. A person who has no access to the classified material has no way of verifying the correctness of the claim, so he has to take it on faith.

My short stance on this is - if it is classified, shut up about it. One, it is not helpful for the open debate. Two, classified is not equivalent to correct. Three, "classified" may refer to something that does not exist.

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