Friday, November 19, 2010

Cyber Security Conference in Georgia

I was in Tbilisi last week and spoke at the Georgian Cyber Security and IT Innovation conference. The first day focused solely on cyber security topics. Agenda and materials are available here. As expected, the 2008 Russia-Georgia war and its cyber component came up in several presentations.

My talk on Volunteers in Cyber Conflict was based on a number of papers I have written on the subject. While I have focused on the offensive (and illegal) hactivism/patriotic hacking so far, I am in the process of switching gears and focusing on the defencive (and official) use of volunteers. For example, the reserve cyber units in US military, the WARP system in UK and the Cyber Defence League in Estonia. I believe there is great merit in harnessing the skills and resources of security specialists and enthusiasts for a constructive purpose.

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